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One of the core objectives of WE CAN, Bangladesh is to break the silence surrounding the domestic violence in Bangladesh. WE CAN Bangladesh is built on the premise only people can change people. Working through this change making process, WE CAN Bangladesh has reached out to 1 million of ‘Change Makers’ across the country so far. These change makers share their story to inspire others and bring changes. Share your story with us – break the silence – bring change.

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How do you understand it is domestic violence

Domestic violence can be happened in anyone life. Mostly a person seeks control and dominate another person with his/her abusive behavior. Basically physical violence is visible form but sexual, emotional, social norms, economic abuse is also equally harmful for the person. When domestic violence occurs in any relationship most likely men are the perpetrators and women are victims.

Domestic violence identified by these forms.

  • Family violence

  • Relationship violence

  • Intimate Partners Violence and

  • Child abuse.

Let see some pointer which may help you to realize that it is violence-

  • isolating a victim from ancestors and friends

  • controlling their admission to money

  • diminishing their self-esteem

  • preventing them from practicing their religious beliefs

  • intimidating and aggressive them

  • Verbal corruption & threats

  • Destruction of property

  • Physical battering

  • Sexual corruption

  • Stalking

Indication - that you are in Domestic Violence

  • PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Like punching, kicking, grabbing, pulling hair, choking, slapping, damaging property or valued items.

  • SEXUAL VIOLENCE: Force to sex, uninvited touching, unwanted sexual intercourse and coercing a partner to have sex without protection against pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases.

  • PSYCHOLOGICAL VIOLENCE: Humiliate or demean, both in public or private, verbal threats, yelling, intimidation, harassment, criticism, lying, withholding information and isolation from family or friends, ignore your opinion, blame you for a unethical issue, possessive attitude.

  • ECONOMIC VIOLENCE: Holding money, a car or other resources; sabotaging attempts to make money independently; or controlling all family finances.

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