Change Maker's Story


Jesmin from Bagerhat: The one who has found self-respect with her identity as a change maker.


Jesmin sells vegetables at different alleys and lanes in Bagerhat town. She usually sells about 4 to 6 maund (1 maund is roughly 37-38 kgs) vegetables daily on her van. It is hard to found anyone in Bagerhat town who doesn't know Jesmin; and that is for two reasons ...More

ImageNurul Haque

Self-realization of Nurul Haque against domestic violence


“As far as I have heard about some tortures like scolding and beating, I think most of us do these…and it's not like I have never done these before, even I was a very ill-tempered man. After being a Change Maker I realized that it is unjust to scold someone every time. Does any result come out by scolding?…More

ImageSayedur Rahman 

The vow of Sayedur Rahman and his companions to change Biswanath


Located close to the Sylhet city, Biswanath Upazila shares its border with the Sadar Upazila in West and South. Sayedur Rahman Sayed, a journalist, cultural activist and organiser living at Biswanath, has been working for the daily 'Sangbad' for 13 years. Over his long career as a journalist which started in 1977, he has been known for his protective nature More

ImageMosammat Lakiara

Lakiara Suceed To Change Her Torturer Husband


Mosammat Lakiara was a student of Class VIII of Andharmuha village, Chirirbandar, Dinajpur, when she got married in 1996. While studying at Class VII, she fell in love with a HSC student – now her husband. Her husband later became a paddy trader. The father-in-law, the mother-in-law, a brother-in-law, and the married couple were the members of Lakiara’s new family. More


Nurul Haque

Self-Realization Of Nurul Hoque Against Domestic Violence


Nurul Haque is a resident of Basudebpur village of Chirirbandar Upazilla, Dinajpur. He is a sharecropper. He is also a part-time electrician. A father of four children, Nurul married in 1975. He was only 18 at that time and his wife was only 16. After 37 years of his conjugal life, when he looks back he could find two different Nurul. A short-tempered Nurul during the first 30 years of their marital life - who did not consider his wife an equal human-being and scold  her often. More



A victim of dowry-related violence in a patriarchal society


A poor farmer's daughter, Kamrun was married off at 16. Her father failed to give her husband the dowry he had promised. And then began the inhuman torture. When the torture got too much for her to bear and she tried to run away back to her father's family, they not only refused to give her shelter but beat her and sent her unconscious body on a riskshaw van to her in-laws in the next village, where they said she now “belongs”, dead or alive. And, her life continued as one of torture and abuse…More

The Change Makers' Pledge

  • Not to tolerate or perpetuate violence against women under any circumstances.

  • To motivate at least 10 people to help prevent and end gender discrimination and violence against women.

The Change Makers will also -

  • Realise that domestic violence against women is a serious social issue, not a personal matter.

  • Believe that violence against women is not acceptable.

  • Believe that a change in the current attitude and practices is both essential and possible.

  • Recognise that men and women’s roles in society vary from culture to culture but believe that these roles can change with time.

  • Actively try to influence others to change their attitudes towards the issues.

  • Play a crucial role in ending discrimination and violence against women.