Who are in WE CAN

Different stakeholders are involved with WE CAN, Bangladesh. Those are:

  • National and International organizations

  • Educational institutions (School, College, Universities)

  • Trade Unions

  • Professional Groups

  • Clubs and Voluntary Organizations

  • Media personnel

  • Individuals (Change Makers)

We CAN campaign is managed by several National Committee, District Committees and the National Secretariat.

National Committee

National Committee is comprised of 33 members for two years. 70% of members are district representatives and implementing members and rest 30% are endorsed member. WE CAN Alliance, Bangladesh ensures that at least 50% at executive level and 40% representatives in total committee are women. Diversity (ethnics, disables, excluded groups etc.) is also maintained in committee formation.

Click Here for National Committee of WE CAN Alliance 2014 - 2016

Executive Committee

Steering Committee is responsible for execution of the decision of National Committee. Steering Committee sits bi-monthly and follows a standard structure to ensure systematic construction of the alliance.

Click Here Executive Committee of WE CAN Campaign 2014 - 2016

Subcommittees (material, media, event, funding)

Different subcommittees are formed to manage the execution level activities. The alliance members (implementation and endorsed) are in subcommittee on different issues. National Committee approves the subcommittees for 2 years. Experience and availability are the criteria of membership. 50% women representation is mandatory in these subcommittees.

Advisory Committee

The women rights activists who are familiar to WE CAN Alliance, Bangladesh’s goals and objectives are in the advisory committee. This committee is not for decision-making or execution but in any situation, National Committee can take advice from this committee.

District committee

District alliances will form the respective committees. Every district alliance has their different process to form the committee. 48 district committees has been formed till date.

National Secretariat

WE CAN Alliance, Bangladesh’s particular strength lies in the fact that it is not owned by one organization. Rather it is designed as an alliance led initiative. “WE CAN, Alliance Bangladesh” was initiated as a campaign in 2004 as part of a South Asia regional campaign. In May 2006 an independent secretariat was established to coordinate the activities of WE CAN, Bangladesh.



Sum up About Member

The first step of WE CAN Alliance, Bangladesh is to change personal attitude which support domestic violence instead of pointing out any one as perpetrator. Besides, it encourages the practice of non-discriminatory and non-violent attitude to make a visible collective stand against domestic violence. WE CAN Alliance, Bangladesh feels that it is not possible for few people or organizations to change the established attitude in one fine morning. A popular social movement is essential to change the discriminatory attitude. In view of that WE CAN Alliance, Bangladesh has expanded its area day-by-day, involved different range of people and organizations. Alliances have been formed with likeminded people who believe in equal rights of women. The alliances are formed at both national and district level. Every alliance is formed spontaneously from the sense of responsibility. The objective of the alliance is to become a key group in Bangladesh addressing the issues of domestic violence and ensure fundamental shift in people’s attitude, behavior and practice towards domestic violence and to be a potential group for management of the WE CAN Bangladesh and engage in conceptual development regarding domestic violence issue. Alliances of WE CAN works at two levels - National Level Alliance and District Level Alliance. A broad alliance, involving civil society representatives, corporate sectors, government agencies, journalist groups, NGOs, is envisaged.

  • National Level Alliance
  • Activities of Alliances at the central level are coordinated by the WE CAN, Bangladesh secretariat. It also provides strategic directions to WE CAN Bangladesh, co-ordinate with the District Level Alliance and ensures sustenance of the campaign.

  • District Level Alliance
  • In 48 districts of Bangladesh the campaign’s district level alliance is at work. The main responsibility of the District Alliance is to provide with guidance to Change Makers at the district level and enabling them to carry forward the campaign at grassroots level. Also, their input and guidance ensure sustainability of the campaign, and they provide Change Makers with strategic directions and co-ordinate with the National Level Alliance on a regular basis.