International Women's Day -2012, Saheed Minar,Dhaka

Welcome to WE CAN Bangladesh

We Can is a collective platform of civil society, organizations, individuals, institutions and others aim of ending domestic violence against women. WE CAN campaign was launched in 6 South Asian countries including Bangladesh with an aim to stop all sorts of violence against women. The idea of WE CAN campaign is to break the silence, denial, shame and stigma around the issue of domestic violence against women and bring it under the public domain, collective consciousness and accountability. WE CAN campaign started at a time when domestic violence against women was not considered as a violence under the legal system in Bangladesh. In 2011, during the annual general meeting (held on 20th April), the member organisations and individuals decided to continue the campaign by the self identity of WE CAN Alliance to end Domestic Violence (Amrai Pari Paribarik Nirjaton Protirodh Jot). Following the decision emerged the independent platform Amrai Pari Paribarik Nirjaton Protirodh Jot in Bangladesh.




Major Activities

WE CAN campaign focused on continuation of the behavioral changes of the Change Makers themselves would create new Change Makers. The major activities of the WE CAN campaign focus on :

  • Campaign Regularly

  • Enroll change Maker

  • Develop Behavioral Change Communication (BCC) publications/materials

  • Building Alliance and Networks

  • Mobilize Media

  • Conduct Action Research

  • Sensitize the service providers

  • Conduct policy advocacy

  • Building Capability

What's New

Creating Space to Take Action on Violence against Women and Girls Project (Creating Spaces)


Conduct Research to Generate Evidence on Key Themes (Early and Forced Marriage) Scope of Study



International Women’s Day 2017


We Can is organizing an unique celebration of 8th March program at the first moment of International women’s day since last eight years.




Child Marriage Restraint Act - 2017


Amrai Pari Jote has organized a workshop on “Child Marriage Restraint Act, 2017.



Change Makers
Change Makers

"As a Change Maker I believe change is needed and change is possible"

Campaign Materials
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Materials (IEC and BCC materials) and publications of the campaign play vital role in changing the values.

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We Can Bangladesh Photo Gallery.